Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whistle While You Work

Do de doo doo do de doo

Sunday, December 12
Teresa & Mark came up from Ark City to help us move (thaaank goodness). Last time they helped us move it was on their 25th wedding anniversary and a washer got dropped down the stairs. Therefore, this move was an epic success. Zach got his work ethic from his dad, and those two worked like machines, making trips back and forth of all our heaviest and bulkiest things. I mainly hung around the house, packing up boxes and working diligently while NOT sitting and talking to my mother-in-law or playing with babies AT ALL.
I got to follow Zach & Mark as they moved the Saab (a 60s family car Zach is restoring) to the new house, and got pictures of it on the street for the first time in decades. Now, it was being pulled and not running, but still! On the street! The experience was complete with a pit stop - the wheel was wobbling dangerously and needed tightened.
Remember the great plan to leave windows open to air out the house? Turns out, this was the most intensely windy night in a long time, and as a result the hinges to several windows broke. Whoops. One of the only things that didn't need replaced in the home. I know of 5 windows that need replaced (the house has 6 total). I'm hoping the hinges are sold at hardware stores, because the glass window itself is fine. Zach got them shut for now and will weather strip them, and we'll revisit the topic in the spring.
We also learned that the garage door is broken, which was unexpected. We assumed the motor to the opener was burned out, but the door itself has been backed into and will not fit in the track anymore. This means a LOT of grunting and showing of plumber's crack to get the door open. We're expecting at least $1500 for a new door and opener, and this will just have to wait.
In the afternoon, Zach & Mark took a break and watched the Chiefs get embarrassed (curses to you, Matt Cassel's lack of appendix!!) while the kids napped, and Teresa and I went to the house to do another round of vacuuming and prep work for the carpet cleaner.
And then Rafael showed up.
Riding on a cloud, surrounded in a halo of light, was our hero. Hallelujah! He is a miracle worker. See picture for the "during" shot. You can literally watch the dirt come up. Now, granted, he sprayed some deodorizer that is surely going to wear off over time, but by the end of his work, the pet smell was gone!!
He did 4 rooms, 2 landings and 2 staircases on a weekend for $115. Rafael works for Color Brite in Wichita, FYI, if you want work done. 316-393-2548.

Total amount spent today: $115
Total amount spent to date: $115

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