Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Riding Solo

Monday, December 13
Today was our first day of working on moving with two kids and no extra help. It went so well that, by noon, I was en route to dropping the kids off with our dear friend Brandi. We did get a decent amount of things moved in the AM, but only because Zach was taking trips back and forth alone while I stayed home with the kids and tried to get the next trip prepared. The Patron (Matron?) Saint Brandi kept the kids until 8, so we were able to get the big daily use items moved in - couch, beds, etc. I got the kitchen cabinets vacuumed and scrubbed out and most of our boxes unpacked. We also got some laundry started (this helped a LOT with improving the smell of the home. Thank you, Gain, for the creation of Apple Mango Tango). Zach got a little chainsaw excited and took out bushes that were blocking the front of the home and an apple tree whose roots were growing into the foundation. We met a few sets of neighbors, all GREAT people. We apologized for the current state of the house, and the construction site they will have to tolerate for the next several months (if not years). They reassured us that they were used to the house as it's been for the last ten years, and everyone is excited to see someone fixing it up.
Now that we have more valuable items in the house, Zach decided it was time to change the locks. Also, the original key we received was a K-State key, and that just wasn't going to fly. Zach got us some pretty brushed nickel doorknobs. We debated for oil-rubbed bronze (or whatever the dark stuff is that's modern), but decided we'd have to change out EVERYTHING (light fixtures, faucets, etc.) to maintain continuity, whereas nickel will go well enough with some of our existing chrome. Zach has the receipt for this, so $ amount to come.
We went to pick up the kids together, and I really wanted to bring Carson by the new house to show him that our furniture is now in there. He was passed out long before we returned to Derby, and it's not wise to wake a sleeping toddler so you can show him that you have upended all that he found stable in his world. He'll see it tomorrow.

Total amount spent today: $?
Total amount spent to date: $115 + ?

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