Friday, December 17, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Friday, December 17
I've got good news and bad news.
We're starting with bad.
We all woke up this morning horribly sick from sleeping in the house. The pet dander and residual cigarette smoke damage really got into our chests & sinuses overnight, and we all suffered all day as a result. I thought the basement carpet was good enough to let Codie play on, and three minutes of floor time proved me wrong. I laid down a beautiful 7-month-old baby girl, and picked up a tabby. Ick. I attempted to vacuum up more cat hair, and my Oreck went caput. Fortunately, I get free maintenance. Kids & I went out running errands today (and taking the vacuum to its doctor) and started feeling a lot better in the fresh air.
We met with Zach at Jabara's when he got off work and learned that we can replace the carpet throughout the whole house for about $1,600. This includes installation and a good quality pad. Installer is coming out Sunday to get the exact square footage calculated.
Then we headed to Lumber Liquidators and picked up some gorgeous laminate for the main floor at .85/sq ft. The pricing was actually $1.15 on the finish we chose, but I mentioned that I saw it discounted online and the rep seemed eager to accommodate. We got underlayment at $15/100 sq ft roll. 335 sq ft of laminate + underlayment + some finishing pieces for the staircase area = $400.50.
A house rid of this cat smell and hair is worth far far more than $2,000 in my book. I. Am. ECSTATIC.
We came home from all the excitement and the smell is like a ton of bricks walking in the door. We were so nauseated we had to leave, which means back to crashing in Mom and Dad's basement until the flooring is all ripped out.

The Dumpster was dropped off this morning (at $220 from Waste Connections - by far the lowest we found, but also franchised in Derby), and I'm sure our neighbors want it gone already.

Amount spent today: $620.50
Amount spent to date: $

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