Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holy Moly, WHAT DID WE BUY!?

Saturday, December 11
Got the keys to the home (YAY!!) at 12:30. We don't technically close until Wednesday, but taking prior possession to get the place livable before we leave our rental.
Lots (and lots. and lots) of things left behind from the former owners. Some of them we don't mind, like a few powerful vacuums with attachments, and a couple of TVs. Some of them aren't as great of finds, like a surge protector inside of a laundry detergent bottle (whaa?) and one huge, heavy deep freeze we have to lug out of the basement.
We spent the first few hours getting all of the stuff out to the garage, and then went nuts vacuuming and scrubbing. There's a horrible pet odor that seems hopeless. To tackle this, we tore down all the curtains and made sure all fabrics were removed from the house. We also left the windows open overnight (utilities aren't in our name yet) to try to free the scent out. The carpet in the master bedroom was so soiled with pet waste that hadn't been cleaned that it was not salvageable. We decided we'd rather live on subflooring than live on dried waste, and ripped it out. As for the rest of the carpets, a highly recommended carpet cleaner by the name of Rafael is coming out tomorrow. If he's as legit as his ninja turtle namesake, the house should be tolerable when his magic is done.

Total amount spent today: $0
Total amount spent to date: $0

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