Friday, December 17, 2010

I'll put him inside a box, and put that box inside another box...

Wednesday, December 15
Let's start this off with a confession: I did not set foot in the new house once until after dark. Supposedly I was busy cleaning out our old rental (we turned the keys over today), but really I just needed a mental health moment.
It has been decided that it is impossible to make any true progress with kids in the house. As previously stated, they can't be allowed to play in a space so filthy, which means I'm so busy keeping them out of the filth that I make no progress on ridding the place of filth.
So Carson went to play with Mary tonight (hooray!).
I'm getting tired of crashing my parents' basement and living out of shopping bags, so I worked my tail end off into the night to get the kitchen completely unpacked (check! Organized logically? That's for another day) and boxes out of the main living areas. Our bedroom and Carson's bedroom have become the catch-alls for packed boxes. Main floor, kitchen, Codie's room and den are now usable spaces (except for the cat hair and revolting odor everywhere). Zach had already gone to bed at my parents' by the time I got the boxes done, so tomorrow night should be our first night in our new home!

Amount spent today: $0
Amount spent to date: $

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